Even if we are no longer able to handle our affairs for ourselves, our business needs to be attended to.

So when you or a loved one becomes incapacitated physically or mentally, establishing a guardianship is necessary to ensure important decisions can continue to be made. The attorneys at the law offices of Kelaher, Van Dyke, Moriarty & Kalksma bring a wealth of experience in creating guardianships for adults. Whether it is for an aging parent or a plan for you in the event of an unfortunate accident, we can manage all the necessary legal arrangements so personal and medical decisions can continue to be made. We can also arrange guardianships of the property so financial decisions can be made as well. And, should you find yourself in a situation where guardianship is being contested, our team is prepared to assist you.


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Guardianships can be an emotionally trying subject. Let us help make the process as smooth as possible. Set up an initial consultation with the law offices of Kelaher, Van Dyke, Moriarty & Kalksma to discuss guardianship.

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