Elder Law Attorneys in New Jersey

You have worked hard to create a legacy and build an estate of which you can be proud. With some advanced planning, you can protect those assets for the rest of your lifeā€¦ and beyond. And, the law offices of Kelaher, Van Dyke & Moriarty can help. Whether it is estates, guardianships, wills or other elder law practice areas, we can provide the support you need.

At Kelaher, Van Dyke & Moriarty, our practice is built on helping people preserve what is theirs. We believe in providing cost-effective services that enable you to map out a solid plan for your future and that of your family. When you have important decisions to make, our practice can help you with all aspects of NJ elder law, including:

The attorneys of Kelaher, Van Dyke & Moriarty place a high value on personal service, professionalism and ethics. Let us help you create a plan to protect your assets, and those of your loved ones. To set up your initial consultation today, contact us at 732-505-5444 or email.